Friday, September 28, 2007

Zafran Exotica - Banjara Hills

Being a hyderabadi, I am a (crazy) food lover, with a taste for diff. kinds (South Indian, Chinese, North India - Fav food, Chaat, Mexican, Thai, Mugali, Italian, ect)
Thought I would share my experiences with the junta, as I visit at least 2 restaurants every week & love trying out new ones.
Just happened to visit this place ‘Zafaran Exotica’ (Rd no. 12 Banjara Hills)

The ambience

This is located in the posh area of Banjara hills, in the fifth floor of this restaurant hub (that's what I call it as there are 4 food joints / restaurants in that building). The area is divided into indoors & outdoors (terrace). The terrace area has a great feel, with small ponds with rare fishes in it & the sound of water & a lot of bamboo trees. It gives you a very relaxed & a soothing effect. Inside the tables are in two areas again, one in the deck area just above the (normal) floor. The regular chair could have been more comfortable, as it starts aching after a while.


We generally tend to take 'Service' for granted, but it still has to be good. The service / reception is quite warm here. You are received well from the lift to the table (if one is available..;-)). The stewards are decent in commutation, but there is scope for improvement.

Now for the variety & quality of Food

The quality of food is very superior, especially w.r.t. to vegetarian food. The vegetable are very well cooked & presented. That doesn’t mean that the non-veg is a disappointment, but again barring a few the non-veg is also of high quality.
I would not call this menu as a multi-cuisine, as it is not supposed to be one. The North Indian & Mugali (if I can call that) are the ones which really stand out.
A special mention is required for the deserts during the buffet. You will love it, if you have a sweet tooth (I do). There is a bar also attached for the drink lovers.

Shravan’s Recco

Vegetarian – Panner Tikka, Dal Makhani & Raitha (three varieties)
Non-Vegetarian – Malai Murgh


There is a lavish buffet during the weekdays as well as weekends at Lunch.

Weekday Buffet – Rs. 250/- (per head)
Weekend Buffet – Rs. 350/- (per head)


For a couple, a dinner at this place would cost around Rs. 800-1000/-.
May be just a little on the higher side, but with the ambience, service & overall experience it’s worth it. The buffet is an absolute value for money.

Overall Rating


I would surely recommend this place for couples (esp. evenings) or even for the family crowd.
Bon Appetite!!


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